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 +====== The Krautspace ======
 +If you're interested in swapping ideas over a cold Club Mate or if you would like to work on a project, just drop by at Krautspace, our Hackerspace in Jena. The Raumstatus (room status) tells you if someone is currently at the Krautspace. When in doubt, just ask someone in [[|the chat]] ([[|web interface]]).
 +====== How to Find Us ======
 +In August 2012 we moved to a new room, the Krautspace. Before that, we used a room in the Jentower. This is our current address:
 +   * Hackspace Jena e. V., Krautgasse 26, 07743 Jena, 1<sup>st</sup> floor to the right
 +   * More details on how to find Krautspace are below
 +Nearby and free parking is not usually available during the day. Starting at 8pm, you can park your car for free at the [[|car park at the Eichplatz]] (distance 200m). There are several multi-story parking garages in the immediate neighbourhood. However, visiting the Krautspace on foot or by bike is also easy. The bus station »[[|Johannisplatz]]« of the  [[|bus line 16]] is right across the street. Our wall features mounts for last-mile-vehicles in the shape of Penny boards, longboards and skateboards, with wheels up to 100 mm in diameter. Drop by using the means of your choice.
 +===== Coordinates =====
 +[[|Lat 50.9292, Lon 11.5826]]
 +===== Points of Orientation =====
 +{{:hswiki:anfahrt_0.jpg?100 |Intershop-Tower as seen from Löbdergraben}} 
 +The [[|Intershop- or Jen-Tower]] is the central point of orientation in Jena. On its back side is the Eichplatz (large car park) and on its front side is the Fürstengraben. If you stand with your back to the main entrance of the tower, facing the Fürstengraben, you can see the Krautgasse across the street, between the office building "b59" and the bank.
 +{{ :hswiki:anfahrt_1.jpg?100|The Krautgasse}} On the right hand side of the Krautgasse you'll find the Volksbank, right next to a deli and the Café Rossi. The Rossi actually consists of two single café rooms with a small alleyway in between. The alleyway leads to an inner court and then the Bachstraße.
 +{{:hswiki:anfahrt_2.jpg?100|Alleyway to Bo's Inn}} Follow the alleyway. To the left you'll see a Cocktail bar. On the left hand side of the entrance to the restaurant is the front door. This is the entrance to the Krautspace. Ring the bell and we'll let you in:
 +{{ :hswiki:anfahrt_3.jpg?100 |The front door}}
 +On the first floor you open a glass door to the right and follow the corridor until it ends. There are two doors, the one to the right opens into the hacker space.
 ====== Communication ====== ====== Communication ======
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 Anounncements are sent via – (Please subscribe at [[|krautspace-announce]]!) Anounncements are sent via – (Please subscribe at [[|krautspace-announce]]!)
-The executive board can be contacted via  +The executive board can be contacted via [[|]]
-The current KeyID is [[|0x27EEAED17800D783]] ([[|Download]]), the complete finger print is DE4C 095A 90BE 6EE0 D7B4 CACF 27EE AED1 7800 D783. For your first contact you can also use this service: current KeyID is [[|0x3D60AFE3AB3FAB6D]] ([[|Download]]), the complete finger print is ''D492 6971 0FE3 D006 858A  3726 3D60 AFE3 AB3F AB6D''. For your first contact you can also use this service:
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 There is a multi user chat at You can use your own client or our [[|web interface]]. There is a multi user chat at You can use your own client or our [[|web interface]].
 +===== Matrix =====
 +We have a Matrix room. You can find us at [[!|]]. f you don't want to enter it manually, you can also scan the QR code:
 ===== Social Networks ===== ===== Social Networks =====
-We're on Quitter, Twitter and facebook where we also anounce events. You can follow us there or send us a message:+We're on Fediverse, Twitter and Facebook. You can follow us there or send us a message:
   * [[|@HackspaceJena]] at Twitter   * [[|@HackspaceJena]] at Twitter
-  * [[|@Krautspace]] at Quitter +  * [[|@Krautspace]] at (Fediverse) 
-  * [[|facebook]]+  * [[|Facebook]]
 ===== Snail Mail ===== ===== Snail Mail =====
 Krautspace \\ Krautspace \\
-Postfach 100132 \\ +Krautgasse 26 \\ 
-07701 Jena+07743 Jena
-{{indexmenu_n>5}} +{{indexmenu_n>2}} 
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